11th August 2022 – FEM Brisbane Chapter Meeting – Current Global Immigration Trends – Impact on Global Mobility

Global mobility has been impacted not only by the practical implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, but by government policies which have been variously shaped over this same time.  In other words, the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered the way people in countries all over the world interact, travel and work. It has had an impact on government thinking and policy—and the mobility of employees around the world.

In Fragomen’s Worldwide Immigration Trends Report, we examine recent political, economic and cultural factors, offer projections about the future, and leverage our experience to help the business immigration community understand current immigration trends.

In this FEM session, we would like to offer a discussion of the key findings in the report, including:

  • Digital transformation, including remote work policies, contact tracing apps and data privacy concerns as health information is increasingly monitored;
  • Changes to restrictive immigration policies tied to health and medical information;
  • Reactive policy making in response to increased unemployment rates, followed by significant skills shortages; and
  • Processing backlogs.

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