13th February 2018 - FEM Sydney Chapter Meeting – Facing the Future of Global Mobility: Rise of the Expat Gig Worker

Organisations are experiencing many challenges in the evolving global mobility landscape. One of the emerging dilemmas is the fast growing gig economy which is changing the way companies run their business and manage their workforce. There is, however, a disconnection between the expectations of companies and their readiness or ability to manage international gig workers.

Mobility policies originally designed for in-house employees undertaking long or short-term assignments are not aligned with the requirements of international gig workers. The concept of gig workers is not always well-defined, can lead to confusion and communication can become a challenge. Be prepared!

Come and hear and/or contribute to a panel discussion on the implications of this new way of working, including attraction and engagement of top talent, compliance, regulatory, duty of care and international reward.

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