17th February 2021 - FEM Sydney Chapter Meeting – Innovating Work from Anywhere (WfA) Policies and Mitigating Risk

During 2020, most organisations were grappling with the impact of COVID-19, continuing with business while trying to maintain employee wellbeing, safety and security. ‘Work from Anywhere’ emerged and companies were accelerated into developing policies that deliver compliance, safety, and work life balance, all while navigating this untested new virtual world. The Pfizer vaccine and the vaccines to follow will allow people to travel more freely, but international travel in 2021 will still be largely restricted and expensive for Australian organisations.

We thought it would be useful to have a discussion within the FEM community where members can share the methodologies they are putting in place under WfA policies, with a focus on:

  • Immigration and work rights
  • Employment law (where employees physically live vs where their employment sits)
  • Taxes, income and corporate
  • Pension/superannuation
  • Insurance

Additionally, how can global employer companies (e.g. Shield GIO and others) assist and share further insights.

We will discuss your challenges and questions on a no-names basis amongst the FEM community. Therefore, in advance of the session we ask as part of your registration form you submit your challenges or questions for discussion. Additionally, you may also email your questions & challenges to Aysegul Kayahan by responding to this invitation email

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