17th May 2016 – Brisbane - Is there an answer to the elusive question - What is the ‘Return on investment (ROI)’ when it comes to Global Mobility?

Come along to Brisbane’s FEM event to find out!

In this workshop style event we will be exploring possible answers to the question of what it actually means to quantify and communicate the “Return On Investment” (ROI) for global mobility from a functional and programme cost perspective.

The key focus areas explored during this session will be:

  • What is the value of the global mobility function and how can this be quantified?
    e.g.  Cost of compliance, productivity and reputational risk
  • Exploring the different strategies that businesses are taking to manage their mobility programme costs?
    e.g.  Shift to developmental assignments, localisations, policy review and resourcing strategy

During this session we will also be sharing and commenting on recent thought leadership on ROI and how that can be practically applied given all businesses are different. Key discussion points raised during these sessions will be summarised and provided to participants at the end of the session.

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