18th August 2020 - FEM Brisbane Chapter Meeting – Post COVID19 – the rise of the “International Work Anywhere” policy

As we emerge from the peak of the COVID19 pandemic but borders remain closed and opportunities for international travel limited, global mobility teams are being challenged to find innovative new ways to support their businesses. Can the goals and objectives of international assignments be accomplished without physically sending assignees overseas?

Join us for the August FEM meeting (hosted by KPMG) where our panel of mobility professionals and subject matter experts will discuss the emergence of “work anywhere” policies whereby employees are physically based in one jurisdiction but performing work for another. What does this mean from an HR, reward, tax, payroll and employment law perspective? What sorts of benefits or support should you be providing to employees under these policies? How do you keep remote employees motivated and maintaining productivity? And how can these policies and increased flexibility post COVID19 be used to further your organisation’s Diversity and Inclusion objectives?

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