18th February 2016 – Perth - International Assignments and Regulatory Compliance: Issues in Immigration, Family and Employment Law*

Join us in this interactive session where we will be looking at the current compliance environment and will be touching on a wide range of issues involving Immigration, Employment and Family law. 

Specific topics of discussion will include:

Immigration, Employment law and International Assignments:

  • Current compliance climate since the amalgamation of powers between the Fair Work Ombudsman and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, 
  • What to expect when the FWO/DIBP inspectors turn up at your business unannounced, 
  • What to expect with DIBP audits, 
  • Employment law concerns, minimum salary with short term workers/business travellers

Family Law:

  • Managing international assignments with custody issues,
  • Where to turn when a family breakdown occurs while on assignment,
  • Immigration and Family law issues,
  • How can a global mobility professional help their assignee?

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