1st November 2017 - FEM Sydney Chapter Meeting – The Assignee Experience - what are the moments that matter?

Moving internationally for work can be one of the most phenomenal professional and personal experiences an individual can have. The experience can enrich their lives in many ways. However, it can also present challenges. Whilst individuals navigate through today’s evolving global business environment, organisations are faced with conflicting pressures ranging from digital advancements, a diversifying workforce, talent retention, a changing regulatory environment, cost control pressures and employee wellbeing. How can you make sure you are providing the right assignee experience for your mobile workforce?

Join us at the next Sydney Chapter as we discuss the moments that matter throughout an assignment lifecycle in relation to assignee experience and how employers can balance ‘high tech’ versus ‘high touch’ to create a sustainable and agile mobility program.  The session will involve a panel discussion facilitated by PwC, live polling of audience opinion and a group discussion.

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