20th May 2020 - FEM Brisbane Virtual Chapter Meeting – COVID-19: The critical role of global mobility and how you can help your organisation to LIFT

We are in our 3rd month of Australia’s COVID-19 response. Our people are working in new ways, organisations are making tough decisions.

Join us to discuss how we, as global mobility professionals, can all rise to the occasion.

We have included a few questions here (will be embedded into the registration link). We hope you can spare a few minutes to share your thoughts. Your responses will help shape the session:

Q1. What does your organisation need from your mobility program right now?

Q2. What is the number one problem you are trying to solve?

Q3. If you have displaced employees (working from a location other than their assignment location), how comfortable are you with the related employer obligations like tax withholding, social security, immigration, employment law?

Q4. Looking forward, what is your hope for your mobility program, and what are you doing (if anything) to prepare for business continuity once COVID-19 related travel/immigration restrictions are removed?

Q5. How do you think your mobility program and processes might change post the COVID-19 pandemic?

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