21st February 2019 - FEM Sydney Chapter Meeting – Business Travellers: where do you start?

International business travel continues to grow (!) but it’s not getting any easier.

Our latest Mobility Survey* told us that while 75% of Australian organisations have international business travellers, only 8% of organisations have a policy to deal with them. Further, unlike traditional expatriates, it’s often unclear who has responsibility for them within the organisation (in fact for 38% of organisations no-one owns them at all!).

At the same time, these employees are facing increasing scrutiny from immigration and revenue authorities around the world. We are seeing the penalties for non-compliance, for both the employer and the employee, increase significantly. And complying with the regulations around the world is not easy for employees that travel for such short periods of time.

Breathe in, breathe out…… where do you start?

Please join us for this interactive session to:

  • identify who your business travellers are and what risks they are creating,
  • discuss stakeholder engagement,
  • talk about how to access your own data and begin formulating your action plan.

* PwC Modern Mobility Survey 2017

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