23rd February 2022 – FEM Sydney Chapter Meeting - The Future of Global Workforce Programmes

The world of work has been disrupted and organisations must rethink how their global workforce programmes need to adapt in order to be future-fit. The latest Deloitte Global Mobility report explored the impact across economic, social, political, technological and environmental spectrums. What actions should your organisation be thinking about following the current trends?

In this event we’ll discuss:

  • How global mobility enables the global talent strategy.
  • The role that global mobility plays in helping adapt to remote working.
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) within global workforce programmes.
  • How to integrate wellbeing into the design of work and mobility.
  • Compliance and immigration complexity.
  • Using data effectively to combine people and technology.
  • How organisations can develop meaningful responses to the climate crisis.

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