28th May 2020 - FEM Sydney Virtual Chapter Meeting – Planning for the Unpredictable: Lessons Learnt from COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in exceptional and unprecedented challenges for global mobility professionals worldwide.  In this session, we will be discussing the critical issues that have arisen with respect to management of an international workforce against the backdrop of a global pandemic, and how crisis management plans will need to be adapted to better respond in the future.  We will also discuss steps that can be taken now to prepare organisations and their expatriates for a strong recovery phase post-COVID-19.

Panel members from International SOS and corporate Australia will be available to share their experiences and expertise.

This will be followed by a virtual roundtable discussion; an opportunity for the Sydney global mobility community to come together to share their learnings in this fast changing landscape.

In order to prepare for a meaningful discussion, we are seeking your input on the impact of COVID-19 on your operations:

Q1. What are the three most critical challenges that have arisen for you from COVID-19 in managing an international workforce?

Q2. What are the key countries your expats are located/displaced in during COVID-19?

Q3. What factors do you feel will be important to support a strong recovery?

We have a fantastic session planned and hope you can join us.

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