3rd November 2016 - FEM Brisbane Chapter Meeting – Flexing for the Future

The speed at which the world changes on a daily basis makes it almost impossible to predict the future with any degree of certainty. As companies plan towards 2020, there is a growing need and focus on the requirement to be agile and flexible to change. As a result of this constant state of change companies are required to ensure they have access to the right workforce to deliver on these ever changing global requirements.

Who do business leaders turn to when they are looking for creative ways to help manage this need for greater flexibility and adaptability? Global Mobility.

In this “Flexing for the future” session we will be exploring three areas that organisations could consider flexing into. Specifically:

  1. Flexibility in approach to moving employees – a shift towards business travellers and short term assignments
  2. Flexibility in the assignment benefits that are offered– ‘cash envelope’ or ‘menu’ approach to benefits
  3. Flexibility as a tool to attract and retain key talent – including the shift by some large Australian corporates to implement an official “All Roles Flex” policy and the implications this generates in a mobility context.

Join us and hear about how companies are introducing flexibility into their global mobility programs, our panel of tax, immigration and policy specialists will share their insights on each.

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