8th November 2018 - FEM Perth Chapter Meeting – Stress and a Mobile Workforce – Protecting Emotional Wellbeing & Building Resilience

Life as a mobile worker can bring unforeseen stress and strain. When on a business trip or deployed in a foreign country, people may be exposed to unexpected situations, minor or severe. Distance from loved ones, new environments or a serious accident can all trigger stress and anxiety. At a time when the International Labour Organisation (ILO) considers work-related stress as a “21st-century disease”, emotional support is often considered to be the missing link in a comprehensive Travel Risk Mitigation program

Join us for an interactive presentation and workshop presented by International SOS Medical Director Dr Michael Wilson as we walk through the results of a recent study on Business Travel and Emotional Support and discuss what impacts travellers and expats abroad. Learn how to manage employees’ emotional wellbeing on assignment and strategies to take a proactive approach to prevention for travellers and managers.

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