9th August 2016 – Brisbane Chapter Meeting - Let’s talk Talent - Management, Mobility and Retention

As the competition for talent continues globally, organisations are looking for more creative and different ways to manage their top talent.  Organisations are starting to link their talent policy with their international mobility and retention policies to better align company strategy and employee development. 

In this panel style event our speakers will give an overview of their organisations global talent management strategies and discuss how they are navigating through this competitive environment to ensure their top talent is not only engaged but retained.  We will cover off on key talking points such as: 

  • Understanding how organisations are linking their international mobility, retention and talent policies
  • The strategies organisations are putting in place for millennials who are looking for continuous development

At the end of the panel commentary we will then open up the discussion to hear from participants on their experiences to understand where different organisations are in their talent management journey.  Join us for a robust discussion on all things talent

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