9th June 2021 - FEM Perth Chapter Meeting – Employee Wellbeing, providing Best Practice Mental Health Management Strategies for GM Professionals

The role of the mobility manager has become both elevated and more challenging in recent times, leading to the need to make business decisions whilst recognising difficult personal circumstances. This interactive workshop will focus on equipping you with the knowledge and skills to be more confident in supporting the mental health of the clients that you place and support around the world. The content will include:

  • Developing mental health awareness – I will encourage you to be aware of and acknowledge your own mental health before considering the health of others.
  • Supporting yourself and others – I will share a number of evidence based tools and techniques to enable you better support your own mental health, and the health of those you work with.
  • The role of work in our mental health –  Using the latest research evidence, I will share the particular psychosocial challenges associated with global assignees and those aspects of work that have been shown to have the greatest impact on mental wellbeing.
  • You as a manager  – I will share key insights around how you can better promote and protect the mental health of others

Accompanying the workshop will be a resource pack to signpost further resources and enable you to continue to develop the techniques explored in the workshop

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