Relocating to Perth with Relocation Specialists, Western Australia

Western Australia is the largest state in Australia, covering around one third of the continent.  Within this large area are several distinct regions: the southwest, the dry interior, and the north.  Climactic conditions vary greatly in each of the regions from Mediterranean, semi-desert, to a tropical climate.

Situated on the banks of the Swan River and Canning Rivers, Perth is the capital city of Western Australia.  The population of Perth is approximately 1.9 million.  Perth and its suburbs have an extensive coastline that runs 70kms, north and south of the city.  The climate is warm and sunny, with an average rainfall of 880mm.  The hottest month is February, whilst the coldest month is July.  Perth has more hours of sunshine than any other Australian capital city.

Perth has many gardens, parks and reserves.  Kings Park, located close to the city centre, is a 400 hectare bush parkland with views of the city, the river, and the Darling Ranges to the East.  19km south-west of Perth is the seaport of Fremantle, situated where the swan River meets the Indian Ocean.  A multicultural area, Fremantle is a heritage precinct rich in arts, crafts and restaurants.  20km off the coast of Perth is Rottnest Island.  With beautiful beaches it is an ideal spot for diving, fishing and swimming.


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