Testimonials from Individuals

“We had to relocate in 2020 from  Brisbane to Sydney and the process of uplifting the family and moving interstate was a daunting task.

I had moved 10yrs earlier from Sydney to Brisbane but not under the covid restrictions so I wasn’t prepared to do it alone . I found the Relocation Specialist online and the reviews were very encouraging.

It was a straight forward process as I made contact with Aysegul and arranged for a brief of her services and what it entails.

I can highly recommend engaging in a relocation  specialist and Aysegul was able to organise all the pre quotes with various removal companies as she has a vast range of industry contacts .

We also had to find schools and a rental property in the Hawkesbury area  and with border closures on and off it was touch and go if we could even get to Sydney prior to moving to check out property.

Aysegul and her team in Sydney were so supportive keeping us on track and helping us find a rental and plan the whole moving process.

We managed to move through the Xmas period and into a rental prior to my daughter’s starting grade7 and grade 5 .

Moving at anytime in life isn’t always smooth sailing but having a third party professional to be there and manage the process  is worth its weight in gold .

Aysegul gave more than her professional advice but also much needed emotional and moral support which really was the most important factor for me and the family.

I’m so glad I went with my gut feeling to get professional help with this interstate move and highly recommended the service that The Relocation Specialists offer.

Nicolle.W and Family  moved to Hawkesbury are NSW from Brisbane Jan2021


My husband and I are extremely grateful for the support Aysegul and her team provided when we relocated from Sydney to Melbourne. We had never heard of relocation specialists before this move and were anxious and overwhelmed with the logistics of organizing an interstate move, but once we got in contact with Aysegul everything fell into place smoothly and quickly. Our consultant, Allison, was easy to communicate with and highly professional and helped secure our beautiful apartment in our neighborhood of choice, within budget and in a timely fashion. We would highly recommend relocation specialists and if ever moving interstate again would utilize their services again. Rajvi.S and husband moved to Melbourne in June 2019

As a family of 4 emigrating from the UK to Melbourne was always daunting. However it was more so because our children are so young (2 years and 9 months). Many thought we were crazy for attempting such a move. If we had not had the help of relocation specialists I may have agreed! This amazing service allowed us to step off the plane into our own rented family home! The communication throughout the entire process was outstanding and our relocation agent allocated to us was a total god send! I would recommend anyone emigrating, especially with children, to use relocation specialists. We are truly grateful. Amanda.L and family moved to Melbourne in March 2018


“Thank you so much for all the help you gave us with our recent move from the UK to Australia. We couldn’t have hoped for a more friendly, efficient and helpful service. Kelli was an absolute star and helped us find the most perfect home. It ticked every box (and more!). Everything you did for us made our move so much less stressful than it could have been – it made such a difference for us. Thank you so much for everything.  We can’t thank you enough.” Nicole.V and family moved to Brisbane July 2016


“Natalie has been beyond awesome. Moving countries is a pretty epic time for everyone involved – it’s the second time I have done it (the first with kids) and Natalie has made it a pleasure. She has provided great advice in terms of suburbs, schools (and pubs for me !) public transport and Melbourne life in general. I would highly recommend her to anyone and am happy to put that in writing. Thanks again for your support”  Andy.G and family moved to Melbourne in April 2016


“My wife and I moved temporarily to Perth from Brisbane for approximately one year in late 2015, and Relocation Specialists were employed to assist in the transition. Prior to leaving Brisbane, we had been contacted directly by Donna to understand our particular situation and needs.  Throughout the process, Donna was extremely professional and proactive in assisting us in locating a furnished rental and ensuring that the intricacies of moving to another city were clear. She was always available to “jump in” when help was needed and provided a truly personal service. We have no hesitation in recommending Donna” Doug.W and wife moved to Perth in August 2015


“We moved to Australia in August 2015 and were quite at a loss how to tackle the overwhelming amount of information, rules and interpretations of those rules regarding housing. Being an expat has its own moments of stress and having to deal with the logic of landlords and agents was something we gladly left in the good hands of  relocation specialists. Great personal contact, swift and decisive action and attention for our special needs and requirements. Well done indeed. Cheers” Marco.L and wife moved to Melbourne August 2015


“We moved to Melbourne in 2015 after living in the US for several years, and Relocation Specialists helped us in every step along the way, significantly reducing the hassle, particularly around the tedious apartment rental process in Australia. They were very systematic, friendly and committed, supporting us not just in the initial days, but well after our move. The best part is that we stay in touch – more as friends than business associates – even today, which is something you cannot say about most businesses. Highly recommended!” Yogaesh.R and family moved to Melbourne in May 2015.


“Aysegul and her team helped to make our relocation to Brisbane stress free! Within the first week of arriving, with their amazing knowledge of Brisbane, we had found a property to rent, had our children enrolled in High School and were the owners of a car!! The monthly get together coffee mornings Aysegul organises also meant I was making friends straight away too! Relocation Specialists provide an invaluable service for anyone relocating! I can’t thank them enough!” Ann.M and family moved to Brisbane August 2014


“I strongly feel that our consultant’s knowledge and expertise greatly improved our ability to find housing in our desired price range and location. Having arrived seven months pregnant, finding a safe, family-friendly neighbourhood was of the utmost importance and her vast knowledge of different suburbs proved vital in narrowing down our housing search in the short time we had allotted.  Additionally, as we moved from outside of Australia we were particularly unaware of standard rental practices such as frequent home inspections and option fees.  Our consultant navigated us through these complexities and offered us valuable information on our rights as tenants.  She really understood our unique situation and I was grateful for the individualized service she provided. It’s easy to see that she takes pride in helping her clients find the best possible housing for them.  It was a pleasure to work with her.” Sara. H and family moved to Perth July 2013 


“In 2011, our family decided to relocate to Brisbane, Queensland from Kiama, New South Wales and my husband’s employer contracted Relocation Specialists to aid in our move. My first contact was with Aysegul by phone and I found her very easy to communicate with about the needs of our family in our relocation. We all flew to Brisbane to investigate different options for housing and schooling and Aysegul’s assistant, Dace picked us up from our hotel and took us to various suburbs, which upon consultation with us, they had considered would suit our needs. We decided we liked the Bayside area of Brisbane and Dace helpfully assisted us in finding a suitable rental and also in visiting the local schools. Relocation Specialists aided us in moving our belongings, including a boat!  Once we had settled into Brisbane, they continued to provide care and assistance, with Dace aiding my daughters to change schools, but probably the best thing was the invitation to a Coffee Morning once a month which enabled those who they had moved to Brisbane to meet up. It was through this group that I now have a wonderful support group of amazing women from all over the world who meet weekly and it is all due to Aysegul’s warmth and care for the people that she relocates. I have had various forms of help relocating within Australia and overseas and Relocation Specialists were the most professional but still very personal and caring that I have encountered.  Thank you Aysegul for your continual care and support.” Lyn.G and family moved to Brisbane December 2011


“For the record I have moved 8 times in the last 5 years, so I speak from experience. We relocated to Brisbane in June, 2011. Dace from the Relocation Company showed my husband several Corporate rentals in Center City, but also took the time to listen to my needs. The very first place she showed me at the Parklands was absolutely perfect! Soon after she invited me to the monthly Relocation Specialists Coffee, which is held in different areas of the City to help encourage us to explore the community. Right away I met a half dozen expat ladies from all different countries: England, Canada, Columbia, and Scotland. We were all in similar circumstances and eager to make new friends. We so enjoyed spending time together, that we started meeting every week on Wednesdays for lunch, and became the LWLW. The group grew to more than 16 in the two years I was in AU.

We celebrated birthdays, births of children & grandchildren, mourned the deaths of parents, supported one another through illness. Several of us started playing golf regularly, some became Australian citizens and built homes. Many have transitioned from the group, but we all still stay in touch via FaceBook and follow one another’s travels.
I left AU in 2013, and have since lived in Malaysia, China, and the States. We lived at the Hilton in Kuala Lumpur. The Company did offer Relocation services in China, but the agent was reluctant to show anything but Corporate rentals. Neither of the Projects in the States offered relocation services, and it’s difficult to find housing in a new area with little or no assistance.

You offer a tremendous service. It’s too bad that more companies don’t realize the value of providing this type of service to employees…” Dee.W and husband moved to Brisbane in June 2011


“I can’t thank Relocation Specialists enough for the care and support during our move to Brisbane from the UK. They helped us with the big things like searching for a house to rent and schools but also the small things like driving us to get stationary for the children’s new schools to the coffee mornings which were an absolute godsend for myself! I have met such a wonderful supportive group of ladies through Aysegul kindly hosting these every month!”Andrea.C and family moved to Brisbane Jan 2011


“Our relationship with Relocation Specialists began a few weeks before we left the UK to live in Australia, when a warm and reassuring phone call from Principal Aysegul Kayahan eased any trepidation I might have had about our move. Within a couple of days of our arrival in Brisbane, on 2 January 2010, one of Relocation Specialists’ consultants, Lisa, had taken us on a tour of the suburbs we thought we might like to live in, and helped us get our bearings. She was knowledgable about local events such as markets, made appointments for me to view houses, ferried me to those appointments and was there for moral support. Relocation Specialists’ range of support – whether it’s settling your children in an appropriate school, buying a car quickly, or getting around town without your car – was prompt and thorough. I tell you, these guys took a lot of the potential stress out of a life-changing experience.

Two or three weeks down the line, Lisa took me to one of Relocation’s monthly coffee mornings. They’re held in different parts of town each month, which encourages you to get out and about just as you’re beginning to think, oh, I don’t have a job any more. I met people that day who are still great friends, more than six and a half years later. At one of the get-togethers a few months afterwards, some of us formed a group that meets weekly to have lunch or dinner, go to see a film, take a walk, visit an exhibition. Most months, we still have coffee with Relocation Specialists and any new arrivals to Brisbane. Many friends have come and gone, but I now have pals all over the world that I never would have had otherwise.

I believe Relocation Specialists were key to us settling well and quickly in this city. Any new resident, whether from interstate or much much further afield, needs this valuable welcome and support. And I am delighted that they are still part of my life here.” Jude.G and husband moved to Brisbane in January 2010


“Arriving in Brisbane was a bit of shock after many years living in SE Africa, but Relocation Specialists made the search for a home and a community a pleasure. Beyond simply helping us set up our new home, they became a part of our family as it grew: with organised monthly luncheons to meet others and then, wonderfully, a playgroup for those of us with young children. I still keep in touch with many of the families I met through Relocation Specialists to this day, and would never hesitate to recommend them to friends and family moving to the area. Thank you, Aysegul and Relocation Specialists for the humour, warmth and professionalism you bring to what could, otherwise, be a trying and emotional time.” Laura.A and husband moved to Brisbane in August 2008


“Having moved all over the world since 1997 our move to Brisbane was made effortlessly with the support of Relocation Specialists. They helped us combine moving from UK and South Africa at the same time and also gave us extremely knowledgeable information on the ways to bring our dogs from South Africa so that they did not have to go through at least 9 months of quarantine. The monthly coffee mornings made all the difference to me and helped me to meet people. I would thoroughly recommend them.” Jane and family moved to Brisbane over 20 years ago


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