Relocation Services

Relocation Specialists provide end-to-end mobility support to our clients, working with other specialist third party suppliers to ensure a smooth transition for relocating employees and their families anywhere in the world. Our primary in-house services include administration, management and delivery of destination services throughout Australia. Our in-house team are able to deliver these services in their entirety in all capital cities within Australia and also some regional towns where there is a regular requirement by our clients.

Our philosophy is to provide the best possible support to clients and their employees. We are committed to long-term relationships, and our focus for each assignment is total customer satisfaction. It matters to us that we consistently deliver the service mix that best suits our clients within their allocated budget. In order to achieve this we put a great deal of effort into getting to know the client organisation, their relocation policy, the outcomes that are desired and also provide useful feedback on other outcomes that could be achieved and whether there is additional spend associated with these. We believe it is important to evaluate the tangible and the intangible costs / benefits of relocating an employees and/or new hires. We certainly don’t believe in a one size fits all policy, although it is important to have a consistent and measureable process.

Destination Services

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